Our Mission


The goal and mission for Evolve Youth Services is to be a single service provider for local schools, foster care and adoption agencies, and others providing care for local Humboldt County youth.

Whether a child needs special care to succeed in a home placement, or is in need of tutoring or personal development we will meet that need.

From therapy and counseling services, to physical education and academic tutoring, we provide comprehensive care and development in every area of life.



Our Philosophy

Each and every one of us has unique potential and a variety of abilities that must be nurtured and grown.

Here at Evolve Youth Services we tap into that potential and help each person evolve into the best version of themselves so that they can become, do, and have all that they want out of life.


Who we serve

Local Humboldt County youth and their care providers.

We work with adoptive and foster families as well as with local schools and tribal organizations to provide everything from respite care to academic and athletic scholarships.