Outdoor Adventure Program- Thanksgiving Break 2016

EYS Leadership Education & Adventure Program

Fall Break 2016

NOTE - these adventures are structured as a 3-day series of events designed to maximize fun and guide individual leadership and personal development. Please make plans so that you are certain you will be able to attend the orientation as well as the Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday adventures.

DIGITAL DETOX: use of digital media during the course of each day will be restricted. Use of any media devices while engaged in a Leadership Education & Adventure Program day will be allowed before you arrive for the day, and again after you depart for the day. DIGITAL DETOX is that period between when you arrive and when you depart. No media use will be allowed during the DIGITAL DETOX period of any Leadership Adventure program day.


Adventure Day 1 (Sunday) = Challenge Course

Welcome to the EYS Leadership and Adventure Program!

Todays adventure is the Arcata Ropes Course, located in the Community Forest at the main parking lot (insert map link). Today will be a group experience. If you attend, you will learn how to build trust and communication skills, and how to solve problems and cooperate effectively in a group. These skills and abilities are at the foundation of good leaders. The Challenge Course Adventure prepares the group to work together for the 2nd adventure, along the wild south fork of the Trinity. Learned to build trust and communication skills, solve problems and cooperate effectively in a group. These skills and abilities are at the foundation of good leaders.


Adventure Day 2 (Monday) = Hiking the South Fork of the Trinity River

Our 2nd day of Leadership Adventure has the crew navigating their way to the site of the old river tram on the trail running beside the South Fork of the Trinity. The natural beauty of this area is breathtaking and rugged all at once. Signs of wildlife abound. There is relatively little elevation gain or loss over the route. Terrain is moderately challenging. It’s a perfect setting to take on this group challenge of learning some lessons for navigating through life. Emphasis placed on navigation skills, building stamina, enjoying nature, sharing genuine human interactions with others (and learning: group dynamics, conflict resolution, teamwork, interpersonal communication, emotional honesty, the importance of having fun and using humor).


Adventure Day 3 (Tuesday) = Stand Up Paddle-board (SUP)

SUP! at Stone Lagoon with Kayak Zak’s. Day 3 Adventure is designed to be an opportunity to take on an individual challenge. Not alone, but with the support of a group that you have gotten to know as you took on adventures over the previous 2 days. You and the group are ready. You will accomplish an Individual Challenge with support of the group. You will be challenged as you learn about Stand Up Paddle-boarding, yourself, and leadership. While paddling, you will work through the steps to achieving your goal: identify supporters, being clear about your motivations, and investigating what you don’t yet know.

Each day also includes a healthy dose of exercise out of doors, in a natural setting.

- Paul Marsh