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Do I Qualify?
What are Wraparound Services?

Wraparound Services center around the youth and the family. Comprehensive and holistic in nature, these services offer a unique team-driven way of responding when children or youth are experiencing mental health or behavioral challenges. Through the support of Evolve Youth Services team of professionals and community partners, the family’s needs and ideas drive the individually-tailored initiative. The EYS team, the youth and their family work together to establish a set of goals and devise a strategy that will help to achieve that vision. Evolve Youth Services works to implement that plan, monitor its progress and adjust as needed.

Do I qualify?

Wraparound Services are individualized to meet the needs of each youth and family who participates. The primary qualifying criteria are that the youth has been adopted out of foster care and is experiencing mental health or behavioral challenges. Each county of origin makes the final decision regarding each family’s Wraparound qualifications.

We at Evolve Youth Services are more than happy provide information, answer any questions and facilitate the application process for Wraparound Services. If you have a child that has been adopted out of foster care and feel that your family could benefit from this type of service, please contact us for more information or reach out to your county of origin to request services.

Contact us, Evolve Youth Services, at (707) 825-1173.

Humboldt County

Contact Humboldt County Adoptions
(707) 388-6499

Del Norte, Trinity, Mendocino Counties

Contact State Adoptions
(707) 826-9642

Shasta County

Contact Shasta County Adoptions
(530) 225-5791

What if my county doesn’t approve my application?

If you feel that your family and youth are in need of similar services but do not completely fit the criteria (foster family, guardianship or other at-risk youth situations), please still contact us and ask about our Scholarship options. Call us at 707-825-1173, use the contact form below, or send us an email at EvolveYouthServices (at) gmail (dot) com detailing your situation and inquiring about openings or joining our waiting list.

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